Reviews worth looking at before buying a cordless drill


A cordless drill is not a tool that not only professional contractors cannot do without but even the average home owners. Whether you are a professional contractor or just a house owner who needs just any drill tool, it is important to note that cordless drills are the ultimate tool to go for. This is because with a cordless drill, you are saved the agony of dragging the cord around the job site or house for that matter. Cordless drills are common amongst many individuals because of their versatility and the power they possess while working.

One of the most common mistakes many people tend to make when it comes to acquiring a cordless drill is thinking that just any power drill is good for their needs as long as it is power drill. As it is the norm with other types of tools and machines, many different manufacturers come with almost similar products and tools, and it can be quite difficult for users to differentiate one make from the other. This can be a bit costly because some users may end up with defected tools that cannot help them in the long run or those that will need repair almost every other time. That means that there has to be a way to tell real tools and fake ones.

With that revelation, cordless drills are not left behind either when it comes to differentiating between manufacturers and the many other models in the markets especially if you are first time buyer. That translates to the fact that every potential buyer of a cordless drill needs to look at various cordless drill reviews and any other information about them from relevant sources in order to come up with informed decisions that will not make you regret having the idea of buying a cordless drill in the first place.

It is good to know about the features you should look out for when getting a cordless drill, what factors you need to consider, not forgetting on how to go about choosing the best drill that suits your needs the best.

Differentiating Corded and Cordless drills

It is always not a good decision to just buy any tool device without first getting to know how many versions of it exist because you can rush to buy only to find that it does not suit your needs and force you to spend more money getting another one. When it comes to deciding on the type of drilling device you need, it is important to note that there are two types of power drills;

  • Corded drills; this type of drill obviously features a cord or a cable which relays power in form of electricity to the gadget when using it for drilling purposes. That could mean that you may need cable extensions if your area of work is a bit far from the power source. They are usually more powerful because they use electricity which makes its motor function efficiently. These kind of drills are mostly preferred for heavy-duty work which is mostly associated with professional contractors since most of their work involves drilling into hard surfaces such as concrete or mixing mud. You should therefore ensure that you have a reliable source of power, whether at home or the job site if you are to purchase this type of power drill, because electricity shortage means no working.

The corded drills power consumption is measured in Amps, in this case, the more steady supply power the drill takes in the more excellent run time you are bound to experience. Corded drills take in more power compared to cordless drills and are also considered to be light again compared to cordless drills. This is because they do not depend on any batteries to run them compared to cordless drills. Despite the fact that they tend to restrict your movements because of the cable attachment, you are not guaranteed to break sessions in between your work to change batteries.

  • Cordless drills; these are some of the most popular power drills out there and they happen to receive positive cordless drill reviews every now and then across the world. It is a must have tool for almost every home owner and professional contractors for various reasons. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that you can move anywhere with them and power source is the least of your worries because they are usually battery powered. They facilitate mobility in most sites because they do not have cables attached to them like corded drills limiting your movement. Their battery use feature however requires you to charge them more often and keep a spare one just in case they run out of charge during work session. Their battery life, power and motors are upgraded and designed suitably to enable ease of use and long service.

What to look for in a Cordless Drill

Cordless drills have different features that make them function in different manners. These are some of the features you should look out for when getting a cordless drill;

  • Batteries and runtimes: The best part of having batteries running your cordless tool is remembering the fact that they are rechargeable meaning they are not one-use time batteries that you usually throw away after using. The most effective cordless drills batteries need at least 450 watts or more to effectively run a motor. They have long runtimes and can last with charge for a long time before you can think of recharging them. 18-volt batteries for example provide more torque and speed compared to 12volt batteries.
  • Adequate torque: This is the measure of drill power and is usually measured in inches. This is to say different power drills come with different torques and that means that you should use the right drill for the right surface.
  • Chuck size: Chuck size is another feature to consider since it tells you the upper limit size of the bits the drill can hold. You should always look for the right drill bits because they determine the capability and power of the cordless drill.