Few Things to Know About HayDay

It is very important to know what one is about to do and the same replies for games. A good gamer will always want to know what a new game he is about to play is all about as this will always give him a better knowledge of the game and in some cases, it teaches him/her on how to play the game without learning from another gamer. If you are about to play hayday then this write up is for you. It will teach you important things you need to know about hayday. There are so many things that make the game a special one because after reading about the game; you will surely want to play the game by all means because the game is worth playing. HayDay was first tried on iOS after establishing it in 2012 but later another version of the game was developed on android in 2013 which makes the game one of the highest revenue generated game when it took the fourth position, therefore, making a name for itself. Over the years, hayday has been of standard and always improving generally so as to entertain gamers who fall in love with the game though it has been attracting a lot of new gamers to itself with the help of the good reviews from previous gamers. Hayday is a freemium framing game that comes in mobile versions although one can play the game on pc with the help of another third-party developer. If you are a farmer and want to practice your profession on phone then the game is for you. Also, if you are not a farmer but want to plant and cultivate then it is essential you play the game as the game will open your eyes to some practices on the farm.

Important things that will make you enjoy Hayday

For one to enjoy this game there are some hidden facts that one has to read about that will surely help in enjoying the game? The game comes with very good graphics, unique picture quality and outstanding sound quality which make the game one of the best mobile games in the world. Supercell is the developer of the game and the company has made a name from the game as the game is so different from other mobile games. Some of the things that will make one enjoy the game are discussed below:

Playing on pc:- Although the hayday is a mobile game which means that it is a type of game that can only be played on the phone but with the help of a third party application called bluestacks it makes it very possible to play the game on pc. There won’t be any difference in the game except that it is been played on the pc thus making it possible for one to actually play the game on different mediums.

  • Enjoy the life of a farmer:- Bluestacks makes it possible for one to experience what it feels like to have a farm as having a farm does not end in planting crops but rearing animals as well; hayday will make one understand the right way to do all these. Not having a mobile phone won’t be a problem with the help of this third-party application as gamers will be able to enjoy the same game the way it is been played on mobile which makes it a wonderful development. It feels good when you plant crops, rear animals, and finally trade your products on the global marketplace with ease.
  • Sharing your farm online:- This third-party application also gives room for online gaming. By making use of the internet you can broadcast your score in other platforms like the Twitch.tv, one of the best social gaming website that allows gamers to communicate with other gamers all over the world. This seems useful for hayday as well, as the ability to share the score with friends and relatives is been made possible. Although it is not compulsory to do this; it makes the game more interesting when you have a platform that allows you to tell people about how good you are with the game.

Getting good point:- Getting a very good point is the main reason why gamers involve themselves in the game as this is always a source of encouragement and for some, it is always an achievement. Before getting a good point one has to consider the following:

  • Crops:- Putting the crop into consideration will definitely boost a good score since making money in the game mostly depends on the crops and animals. In this regard, the amount of crop planted will increase the amount of money to be made. Also, the type of crop planted is a big factor so it is always advisable to plant corn and wheat. For animals, chicken is the best option as it will lay eggs and the eggs can be a source of revenue.
  • Money:- This is one thing that every gamer struggles with when playing the hayday game as money is not readily available thus making it very hard to do some important things in the game. It is always a challenge for new players as they have to put in their sense of economics with the game.
  • Animals:- One can get enough money that is readily unavailable in the game by just feeding the animals as they will always provide goods that can be sold to make money. Chicken lays eggs that can be sold in exchange for money; therefore one of the easiest ways to making money in the game is by taking good care of the animals.

All these will always make the game an interesting one since the game makes players to experience the life of a farmer; not only that it encourages players to become good economists as they will have to manage the farm as well. HayDay is a game to play if you really want to add to your experience.