Depression and anxiety, the living dead’s misery!

Depression, biological depression, clinical depression, the blues and major depressive disorder. Several names, one condition. Sadly, it is considered as a social stigma by many. So, many a times it is concealed by people. The result? Family and friends unknowingly hurt the depressed. They being unaware of the condition of the depressed person talk and behave normally which is not called for in the case of depression. Every word and action may reflect as a trigger for an anxiety attack or depressive behaviour of the person suffering from the disease and if you want to treat this go in for cbdforsure’s pick for anxiety.

Unfortunately, some do not regard it as a disease but a trivia! But the fact is that it is a dreaded, actual disease with actual biological symptoms. Today, the number of people suffering from it is skyrocketing as never before. According to the figures published by WHO (World Health Organization) in 2015, more than 300 million people are suffering from depression that is approximately 4% of the world’s population.

Depression is defined as feelings of unhappiness, misery or sadness. Due to this situation the person cannot be happy in life. If someone is lost the interest in things that are related to his or her happiness in life then how could he or she will be happy. There are various types of depressions. Depression build up when the symptoms are interfere with the main function of human life like enjoyment, work, eating habit, sleep. Major depression may happen one time in the life of some people, sometime other people may go through the multi phase of depression in their life. Some time a person with depressive disorder can face a long term depressed mood, continuously near about at least two or two and half year.

There is also lot of other type of depression such as postpartum depression. After giving the birth of child, as much as fifteen to twenty percent of mother may come under this type depression. It is serious health condition that can happen with a mother of a recently born child. The risk of this type of depression is more among the lady who have a history of mental health issues. But the condition is not permanent, with the help of the medicine or with the time you can return to the normal condition but the feeling of anxiety which is not good for the health and that is not good for health. There is also another type depression called seasonal affective disorder. The symptom are social withdraw, increase in sleep and weight gain. This mainly happen in winter season. There is also other major depression like psychotic features. In which symptom is lost the feeling of touch with reality such as delusions that means the person who suffers this type of disorder have false and fixed beliefs. Another example is hallucinations that mean hearing and seeing thing but there is no existence of those things in reality. Another example is premenstrual dysphonic disorder in which depression accompanies a week before a women’s period and pass after menstruation. There is also one another type of depression called bipolar disorder in nature also known as manic depression and you can cure this with cbdforsure’s pick for anxiety.

Sadness goes away in a day or two as opposed to depression that doesn’t go away for months or even years.

The patient has to have at least 5 of the below symptoms continuously for at least two weeks to be in the category of a depressed

  1. Having and irritable mood almost always.
  2. There is decreased interest in most activities, including the ones that were pleasurable before.
  3. Loss or gain in appetite or weight.
  4. Lack of sleep or sleeping excessively.
  5. Movements are slowed down or restless.
  6. Tired, low energy sluggish feeling most of the days.
  7. Worthless and feelings of guilt most of the days.
  8. Difficulty to think, concentrate, focus, create something and decide most of the days.
  9. Suicidal tendencies and the urge to die.

No two persons may experience the same set of symptoms. Variations are possible in case of different persons.

Who gets affected?

There is no discrimination for this silent killer. A person of any gender, age, race, etc. may get affected although women are reported to be more affected by it.

Usually, a combination of environmental, genetic, and psychological factors may contribute to it.

How to diagnose it?

As the path physiological cause for it is more or less unknown, there are no standard physical or chemical tests to diagnose it.

Generally, a mental health specialist (psychologists or psychiatrists) diagnoses it with confirmation after a general practitioner has done initial diagnosis.

But one has to keep it in mind that most of the times the early signs and symptoms are noticed by family and friends of the depressed person. The near and dear ones must not ignore any of the signs of it as the patient may not accept that he/she is suffering from depression. Sometimes the family has to drag the patient to the psychiatrist as the patient would be unwilling to go. The best way can be to deceive the patient regarding making a visit to the doctor.

Treatment options

Is this disease curable? Yes, it is. Little effort is required from the doctor, family, friends and most importantly the patient himself/herself.

Combination of modern antidepressant medications and psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy includes interpersonal therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).

Severe depression may be treated by electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and other brain stimulation therapies.

Lastly, managing a depressed person is difficult but not impossible. All that is required is proper treatment, care and most importantly compassion and you can take help of cbdforsure’s pick for anxiety and that will help you to cure your problem without any issues and you will never have a problem. So you have a good time, and take care of your health without any problems.