The emergence of new digital platforms

It has completely eliminated borders and excuses not to learn. In fact, coverage in higher education in the country has grown at a dizzying pace thanks to the offer of online programs offered by universities around the world. Online School is a trend that has been gaining strength in recent years. The training offer of online courses is growing every day, both in subject matter and in type of training.

There are different reasons for Online School; below you can find some of them: 

  • It facilitates the training of people who for reasons of work activity, place of residence, age or any personal reason cannot access face-to-face studies.
  • Time flexibility to organize study times. You can study when and where you want
  • You can combine studies with other activities or work, social or family obligations
  • There is a wide range of courses
  • It facilitates the possibility of choosing some studies related to your interests and real concerns based on your previous knowledge.
  • You can study in centers of great prestige without having to physically move to the center of the training center
  • The progress and sophistication in ICT allow the implementation of structures and virtual platforms that increase the quality of this type of training.

However, many still believe that this learning style is synonymous with mediocrity and low quality. But the truth is that this format puts on the table new teaching methodologies that train professionals capable of undertaking autonomous learning processes. The challenges of overcoming an academic process of this type are as complex as those required by a face-to-face program. One of the greatest characteristics for Online School for which virtual and distance learning is known. But this is completely false. In the countries of Europe, Asia or the United States, this prejudice does not exist, at all. The great digital education movements have taken place in these territories.

Virtual education has overturned traditional teaching models, and although in virtuality is still a little explored, some universities have already begun to implement online programs and other technical offers. The new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are an opportunity for all people who for different reasons cannot access higher education in the different institutions for Online School and in other countries. The use of these technologies has enabled virtual education or also called online education, which is part of distance education, in this regard, the Ministry of Education has indicated that this method is relevant, valid, and necessary in the country, therefore, it is sought to have high quality standards and to allow the formation of current and new generations.

Currently, universities and other higher education institutions, both public and private, offer Online School for the technical, technological, professional, specialization, master’s and doctoral levels in different training areas. The curriculum is generally the same as that of the classroom modality and has the same requirements and requirements.

Taking into account that in the virtual modality one must work using the resources of the information and communication technologies, the universities offer free courses to the students in management of the new technologies in order to ensure their academic performance and permanence in the educational system.

Requirements for Online School:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Have a computer
  • Interest and motivation to study
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Develop computer skills
  • Handling interactive tools
  • Qualified registration of academic programs

Remember that it is important to analyze the advantages, disadvantages and requirements to carry out this training process. If you are interested in learning more about academic programs that have qualified registration and universities that offer online education at Online School. However, before making the decision to opt for this type of modality, the interested parties must ensure that the institution has the corresponding qualified record of the programs offered, which is granted by the Ministry of Education, which certifies that the program the academic has the experience and support of the academic community to provide quality education.

Advantage of Online School:

  • Access to higher education is possible from any place the student may be, as long as it has an internet connection.
  • The virtual education system adapts to the needs of people and allows the student to advance according to their learning pace.
  • The virtual education allows the student to develop other alternative activities such as work, travel.
  • Virtual education allows the creation and participation in thematic communities, develop collective work in real time, impart and receive information, develop online projects in an open and safe educational environment.
  • It allows economizing economic resources due to the fact that expenses such as displacement are avoided.
  • Personalized treatment is presented between students and teachers, provided that the feedback process is the relevant one, also allows to overcome limitations such as time and distance
  • The methodology of virtual learning is similar to that of face-to-face training.
  • Possibility of exchanging knowledge and experience with people from other regions and countries.
  • It allows the university to expand its training offer for people who work or who cannot access face-to-face courses.
  • Virtual education stimulates autonomous work.
  • It favors the quality of learning, provided that the computer tools and didactic resources used by the platforms are properly used.

The complexity of the legal systems has determined that new legal disciplines have appeared that were not included in the curricula of the previous qualifications or that were not included in the previous one. Curriculum and that today are incorporated into this plan as elective subjects. The existence of supranational organizations supposes the creation of own legal systems and parallel to the different state ordinances, relating among themselves by principles of primacy, coordination and subsidiary. Know all the training offer of online courses that you have at your fingertips, the online training modalities that exist and the criteria that will help you choose your online training.…